Myers Physical Therapy is excited to announce the addition of Functional Capacity Assessment (FCA) to the list of services we offer.

We understand that the proper management of some injured workers can be challenging, especially without objective data. We use the KEY Method four-hour Functional Capacity Assessment to provide you with that data.

  • Our complete 6-8 page report predicts an injured worker's Functional Capacity with a 95% confidence level.
  • The objective methodology used by the KEY system results in legally-defensible, objective data that is recognized as the authoritative standard in the Workers' Compensation and legal arenas.
  • Yearly follow-up research surveys indicate a 99% success rate with injured workers who returned to work at levels equal to or less than Assessment results. No other system can claim that success rate.
  • The client's data is compared to Databank™ norms, containing more than 70,000 cases of both injured and uninjured workers, helping clarify their performance in relation to other workers of a similar demographic background.

To refer a patient for a Functional Capacity Assessment, simply fax a prescription specifying 'Functional Capacity Assessment', 'FCE' or 'FCA' to (831) 757-1010.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me anytime at (831) 757-1900.

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