Myers Physical Therapy is excited to announce the addition of The KEY Method Job Placement Assessment (JPA) to the list of services we offer.

We understand that the most important investment made by most employers is in their people. The ability to choose the right person for the job directly relates to the productivity of the business and ultimately it's bottom line.

Imagine if you had the ability to predict which job candidates are high risk for job-related injuries. What if you had the ability to significantly reduce Lost Work Days and Workers' Compensation costs ? Now you do. And we can help you.

Myers Physical Therapy's KEY Job Placement Assessement is the perfect post-offer, pre-employement test to provide you with the objective data for decistion-making during the hiring process.

Our report results provide:

  • Green/Yellow/Red Acceptance levels, making decision-making easy.
  • Baseline data at the time of hire.
  • Client capabilities overlaid with Physical Job requirements.
  • Scientifically predictive outcomes data empowering your decisions.
  • Full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, E.E.O.C., and
    Affirmative Action Guidelines.

And... we're mobile. We can bring the system to you, if necessary.

Call Jason now at 831.757.1900 to arrange a meeting to discuss how Myers Physical Therapy can help you improve your employee selection process and save you money.

I found Jason to be very skilled at locating the right areas to work on and speed up the healing. Everyone was always very helpful and friendly. I would recommend your office without hesitation.